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   An Introduction of GEA I.T.I.  


GEA ITI has come into existence in the first part of 2013 when the GEA authority decided to open an I.T.I. in Guwahati.

Accordingly, the GEA authority had applied to the concerned department of Assam Government to open an ITI in October 2014. Thereafter the process of affiliation gradually moved forward and eventually in November 2018, the permission was given to GEA authority to open an ITI by the concerned authorities of Assam Government. After getting permission, the GEA authority has started its I.T.I. wing in the name and style of "GEA I.T.I.".

Now lets know something about GEA National College/GEA Group of Institutions, the parent body of GEA I.T.I.

Initially, GEA National College/GEA Group of Institutions was established with a few diploma courses in the field of Information Technology.

Later, the College started various professional courses under some prestigious state Government Universities. In the year 2016, the Government of Assam permitted the institution to start a Para-Medical College in the fields of Physiotherapy & Medical Laboratory Technology. Subsequently in May 2017, the College got affiliation from the one & only Government health University of Assam i.e. “Srimanta Sankaradeva University of Health Sciences” under which all medical colleges of Assam are running their courses including Gauhati Medical College (GMC), Assam Medical College (AMC) and Silchar Medical College (SMC).


The College is also working on a new project to start some regular mode courses under Gauhati University. In this regard, the College authority has already got the approval from Assam Government to open the College. The process to get affiliation from G.U. is on its way.


At the same time the institution is also running an examination centre of Dibrugarh University.


At GEA I.T.I., we have dedicated ourselves to the cause of upgrading each and every student and convert him / her to a professionally sound individual, to give dimensions to his / her hidden talents and dreams, to pursue the frontiers of excellence and to provide the opportunity for overall development. The motto of the College is “Acquire Knowledge, Be Certified and Get Placed Globally”.



The Institution provides Study Material, Career Guide books of all sorts to every student. Besides, the institution is giving utmost effort to improve the quality of the students in Communication and Soft Skills which includes speaking and writing in English as well as in any other language. 

The institution is equipped with the Computer LABs of the latest technology. The LAB has the latest Intel machines and Internet facility. To get faster access to Internet and Intranet, the Computer LAB is equipped with the latest modem and faster switch. The College authority increases the number of computers every year so that the students can get enough time to practice apart from attending the theory classes. The college regularly organizes Extempore Speeches, Group Discussions, Debates, Seminars and Workshop Sessions in order to enhance the general knowledge, self confidence and communication skills of the students.

At present, the ITI has the following teaching and non-teaching staff which will be increased as and when required.


Non-Teaching Staff :

1. CEO, Full Time 1 no. (one).

2. Administrative Officer, Full Time 1 no. (one).

3. Computer cum Office Coordinator, Full Time 1 no. (one).

4. Librarian, Full Time 1 no. (one).

5. Office Assistant, Full Time 1 no. (one).

6. Practical Room Assistant, Full Time 1 no. (one).

7. CLEANER, Full Time 1 no. (one).


Teaching Staff :

1. Principal, 1 no. (one).

2. Lecturer, Stenographer & Secretarial Assistant, 1 no. (one).

3. Instructor, Stenographer & Secretarial Assistant,, 1 no. (one)

4. Lecturer, Civil, 1 no. (one)

5. Instructor, Civil, 1 no. (one)

6. Lecturer, English & Personality Development, 1 no. (one)




Uniform :


Wearing uniform is compulsory inside College for all students from Monday to Saturday. The dresses for boys & girls are as follows -


For Boys :

1. White shirt

2. Black trouser

3. Red Necktie

4. Black formal shoe (casual shoes are not allowed)


For Girls (Option 1) :

1. White shirt

2. Black trouser

3. Red Necktie/scurf


For Girls (Option 2) :

1. White Churidar with Red churni

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Tel : 0-9864013210 / 0-9864044656 / E-mail : director.gea@gmail.com / CHRISTIAN BASTI, GUWAHATI, INDIA.